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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Rodrigue Foundation Announces First "Lab School"

GRFA Announces "Lab School" in Shreveport

Last week in Shreveport, LA, the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts made a special announcement. South Highlands Elementary Magnet has been selected as the first "Lab School" in the Louisiana A+ Schools network!

Executive Director Jacques Rodrigue with students at South Highlands Elementary in Shreveport

"An LAA+ Lab School exemplifies everything that education should be," explains Kim Graham, Deputy Director of Louisiana A+ Schools. "It's an environment where every teacher embraces arts integration and uses the arts to transform lessons into meaningful learning experiences where students can make real world connections."

South Highlands Elementary Magnet has completed their 3-year pilot phase in the Louisiana A+ Schools program. Under the leadership of Principal Mary Harris, the school has shown a deep commitment to the A+ Essentials, arts integration, and maintaining the arts as their primary focus.

"I love having arts integration at my school! 

To me arts integration means adding any type 
of art into a subject to make it easier or 
more fun to understand."

- 1st grade student Grace, who prepared a special speech for the announcement in Shreveport

LAA+ Lab Schools like South Highlands Elementary Magnet exist in a continual state of refinement, and like artists are constantly questioning, growing, and bravely experimenting. Congratulations to our first LAA+ Lab School!

#GeauxVote: Election Day is Here!

Did you get your Blue Dog "I VOTED" sticker? Early voters took to social media to share theirs and encourage others to vote.

Thanks to a special partnership between Secretary of State Tom Schedler and the Rodrigue family, Louisiana voters can show off a special Blue Dog "I VOTED" sticker.

"Participating in the election process and electing good government representation is one of our most important civic duties," shares Executive Director Jacques Rodrigue. "Partnering with Secretary Schedler to inspire citizens to take part in this election cycle is something that spoke to me and I think my dad would have loved."

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