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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Southern Live Oak: Art Contest Suggestion #4

Each year, we award $45,000 in college scholarships and awards to Louisiana high school juniors and seniors. For our 2014 Art Contest our theme is "Louisiana's Natural Beauty" and our partner is Audubon Nature Institute

Over the next few weeks, we will suggest various Louisiana animals and plants that students may want to use in their artwork entries. Deadline for the contest is February 12, 2014. Click here to learn how to enter.

Scientific name: Quercus virginiana

The Southern Live Oak trees are found across the coastal, southeast United States. Known for their iconic beauty and providing ample shade, these semi-evergreen trees can live to be more than 500 years old reaching heights of more than 60 feet and spanning more than 80 feet across (pictured above, Blue Dog Oak, a lithograph by George Rodrigue, pictured below, George Rodrigue photographs the Youngsville Oak).

The shallow, wide root base, expansive canopy and hearty nature of this native species make live oaks strong enough to survive hurricane winds. In South Louisiana, the restoration of Oak Chenieres is crucial to providing natural storm barrier and preventing coastal erosion (pictured, The Youngsville Oak, a print by George Rodrigue that raised money to save a live oak tree in Youngsville, LA).

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  1. I am so sorry to hear today about George's passing. I was unaware that he was even ill. My prayers go out to Wendy and the entire foundation but find comfort in the awareness of all the joy his paintings brought to many people, myself included. I will treasure my God Bless America and my simple Tiffany litho purchase in Carmel.