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Monday, December 2, 2013

Louisiana Black Bear: Art Contest Suggestion #3

Each year, we award $45,000 in college scholarships and awards to Louisiana high school juniors and seniors. For our 2014 Art Contest our theme is "Louisiana's Natural Beauty" and our partner is Audubon Nature Institute

Over the next few weeks, we will suggest various Louisiana animals and plants that students may want to use in their artwork entries. Deadline for the contest is February 12, 2014. Click here to learn how to enter.

Scientific Name: Ursus americanus luteolus

Black bears are large, bulky mammals with long black hair and a short, hairy tail.  The Louisiana black bear is different from other black bears because its skull is longer, more narrow and flatter than other black bears and its molar teeth are larger. (pictured, Tee Teddie 1995/2013 Acrylic on canvas by George Rodrigue 48x36 inches)

Although weight varies considerably, large males may can weigh as much as 6OO pounds and the body length of adult Louisiana Black bears ranges from 4 to 7 feet.  While black bears are able to stand and walk on their hind legs, they usually stand or walk on all four legs.  

Louisiana Black bears typically inhabit bottom-land hardwood forest but also utilize other types of forested habitats including brackish and freshwater marshes, salt domes and wetlands.  The Louisiana Black bears eat acorns, berries, grass, honey, crawfish and fish.  They are shy and secretive animals and avoid contact with humans.    

We hope you will considering painting, photograhing or drawing the Louisiana Black Bear in your art contest entry. Click here to learn how to enter.

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