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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Call of Entries - 2018 Art Contest!

Monsters, myths, and legends have always inspired artists. Throughout his career, George Rodrigue breathed visual life into these stories, using his imagination to invent images and scenes associated with the tales, particularly those of the Cajun people. As a young boy in New Iberia, Louisiana, George's mother warned him, "If you're not good today, the Loup-garou will eat you tonight!" Years later, it was Rodrigue's artistic interpretation of the Loup-garou, or Cajun werewolf, that launched his iconic Blue Dog series.

This year, in partnership with the Louisiana Folklore Society, we invite Louisiana high school juniors and seniors to use their creativity to bring a monster, myth, or legend to life through an original work of art.

We encourage students to explore their local and regional folklore like George Rodrigue did; however, we also welcome them to create their own unique monster, myth, or legend through their art.

JANUARY 19, 2018

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