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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GRFA at French Quarter Festival 2014

This year’s French Quarter Festival boasted a record-breaking attendance of 733,000, making it the largest free music festival in the country.  GRFA, in partnership with title sponsor Chevron, was there to provide unique art making experiences at the STE(A+)M Zone (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).

With projects designed to inspire scientific inquiry and creativity, GRFA welcomed over 3,000 visitors!  Activities included:

Activity 1:  Gak Attack
Is it a solid? A liquid? Just what is this squishy stuff?  All kids love slime! This fun science experiment allows kids to create their own “gak” while learning about primary colors and the science of color mixing.

Activity 2:  Fabulous Frogs
Over 20 varieties of frogs call Louisiana home!  Through this creative printmaking project, kids learn about the unique anatomy and habitat of these amazing amphibians. From powerful legs to lightning fast tongues, the marvelous features of frogs and the animal kingdom are investigated.

Thank you to Chevron and everyone who stopped by to do an activity with us!  We had a great time this year at the Chevron STE(A+)M Zone and look forward to sharing engaging projects at next year’s French Quarter Festival!

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