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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Louisiana Public Facilities Authority (LPFA) Grant Awarded to GRFA!

New Orleans - George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts is proud to announce that we recently received a $50,000 grant from the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority (LPFA). The grant was awarded in coordination with the Louisiana Education Loan Authority (LELA), a division of LPFA. The entirety of the funds will go toward funding the scholarships that we award through our yearly Art Contest. In 2010, GRFA awarded over $35,000 in college scholarships and another $45,000 will be awarded in 2011.

According to LPFA officials, “We are honored to work with GRFA to help expand programs which emphasize the important role visual arts can play in the development of our youth throughout Louisiana.”

And, we would especially like to recognize LELA for being a continued partner of GRFA. LELA was instrumental in helping us to spread the word across the State of Louisiana about our Art Contest. With the help of LELA, we were able to let every school and guidance counselor in the Louisiana know about our scholarship program.

The Louisiana Public Facilities Authority is the premier conduit issuer of tax-exempt and taxable bonds in Louisiana. LPFA's primary mission is to further education, healthcare, economic development, and job creation in Louisiana and to make Louisiana a better place to work, live and raise our families. Since 1974, LPFA has issued over $20 billion in bonds to finance Louisiana's growth.

The Louisiana Education Loan Authority a division of the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority (LPFA), is a non-profit public trust established to bring financing assistance and advantages to the people of Louisiana.

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