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Monday, March 8, 2010

Students Help GRFA

Thank you to everyone at Bissonet Plaza Elementary in Metairie, LA for having George in their art classroom on March 5, 2010 and for helping the George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts.

All of the students created their own Blue Dogs by making sculptures out papier mache and then painting them. These dogs will be used as the centerpieces for the 2010 George Rodrigue Art Contest Awards Luncheon.

Marney, GRFA's Director of Education, visited the classroom days before George's arrival to teach the children about George's work and to let them know about their project. Then, the kids sketched out how they wanted to design their own Blue Dog.

When George arrived, they all got to work in order to bring their sketches to life by painting the papier mache Blue Dogs that they made. The students all asked George many questions about him and his art while they told him their own plans for their dog.

George was even able to sketch on their chalkboard and give all of the students an art lesson. He talked about the history of his work and gave them suggestions on how to approach their art.

Again, thank you to everyone at Bissonet Plaza Elementary for helping us. We know everyone at the GRFA Awards Luncheon will love the centerpieces for the tables!

*Unfortunately, there is not a lesson plan online yet for this project. However, anyone could be creative and create their own dog by building their own papier mache dogs to paint.

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